Whistle Blower System

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Whistle Blower System

PT Fajar Surya Wisesa is committed to implement Good Corporate Governance principles to achieve the Company’s objectives in accordance with our vision and mission including by implementing Whistleblowing System.

Whistleblowing system is a means of communication for internal parties and other stakeholders of the Company to report violation committed by perpetrators within the Company. The reporting shall be reliable, neither have any conflict of interest or taking sides or beneficial for particular party or group, not containing any means of slander, hatred or other interests aiming to impose other parties or groups.

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WBS Policy

Whistleblowing system is a means of communication for internal parties and other stakeholders of the Company to report violation committed by perpetrators within the Company

Implementation of Whistle Blowing System in the Company aims to :

  • Build awareness of the stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers, etc.) to report fraud or violation occurred in the Company’s internal circumstances without any fear and worry as the confidentiality is guaranteed.
  • To detect and prevent fraud or violation earliest as possible through report from the whistleblowers.

Eligible Whistleblowers

  • Internal party of the Company and group
  • Stakeholders

Reporting Channel

The whistleblowers may submit report through below channels:

Type of Violations Report


Acts committed fraudulently or against the law by Company’s employees that are also against interests of the Company and/or abuse of position authority/trust given to them with the aim of enriching themselves and/or others that may effect to the Company financial loss.


Offering, promising, giving, receiving or taking advantages such as commissions and improper inflating project values of any value, whether financial or non-financial, either directly or indirectly, regardless of location, is a violation of laws and regulations as an inducement or a reward for a person who acts or refrains from acting in relation to the performance of that person’s duties in the Company.


Dishonest acts which include fraud, forgery, concealment, or omission of important corporate data, documents and/or reports, which are carried out by Company’s employees causing losses to the Company or other people.


Stealing, embezzlement and/or selling tangible or intangible assets belonging to the Company without the knowledge or permission of the authorized management.

Violation Against Code of Conducts/Norm of Propriety

Actions that are against the Company’s culture that have been formulated in the core values and actions that violate the norms of society in general, such as harassment in the workplace, intimidation of employees, others.

Violation Against Conflict of Interest

Actions that cause a condition where in carrying out his duties and obligations, a person has interests other than interests of the official affairs, both those involving personal, family, or other parties’ interests so that it is possible for the Company’s personnel to lose their objectivity in taking decisions and policies in accordance with the entitled authority assigned by the Company.

Violation Against HSE (Health, Safety and Environment)

Actions that threat the employee’s health and safety, as well as damage the environment both at work and in the society where the Company operates.

Violation against Law

Actions that are carried out consciously or intentionally which cause financial and non-financial losses and affect the Company’s reputation, including those that violate the laws and regulations in force in Indonesia.


  • The Company guarantees confidentiality of the identity and personal reputation of the whistleblower,except for law enforcement purpose.
  • The Company guarantees protection to the whistleblower and family from possible threats, intimidation, punishment or unpleasant actions from the reported party as long as the whistleblower maintains the confidentiality of the reported case to any party.
  • The company provides protection for whistleblowers: from unfair dismissal, demotion of rank, harassment or discrimination in all forms to make the whistleblower uncomfortable, adverse records in employee data and or other forms of retaliation against the whistleblower.
  • The protection also applies to employees who conduct or involved in the investigation process, including those who provide information related to complaints or reports of violations.


  • Identity of the whistleblower, telephone number/email/other social media for communication purpose.
  • Evidence in form of documents, recordings or pictures, can be in the form of hardcopy or softcopy (if any).
  • Chronological information of events based on 4W1H (what, who, where, when, and how).


Each violation report will be received and managed by the intended Report Recipient at the time of submission of the report.

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